Hitting My Goal 10% BF

I wanted to to write a blog post about hitting my 10% Body Fat goal. In the flurry of life I seemed to have skirted over it but it is important to me. I chose to meet this goal after receiving news that I was going to need a double hip replacement in 5 years.... Continue Reading →

Journal 31/07/17

So today was good started off with a lovely breakfast. went to work with a box of sweet potato mash and ham. I also had an apple and a handful of almonds. Managed to squeeze in a lunchtime session in the gym on a CrossTrainer. Got home had a chicken curry and rice then was... Continue Reading →

Slimming Clubs

A subject I wanted to cover as part of my blog was slimming clubs as these have helped me in the past and I will explain when they can work for you and when they don’t. I would say most people have a common impression of a slimming club, people crowding into an old drafty... Continue Reading →

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