Journal 19/05/2018 Weekly Stats

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks I have been revising for exams which have gone well.This however hasn't stopped me working out and eating well I will cover below what I have been up to. Food First I must say changing my macros and diet has been great I have pushed through... Continue Reading →

Journal 24/04/2018

Well after my post on Saturday about changing my macros and diet I then moved on to plan it all. This wasnt fun, I didn't think it would be so hard to change something as simple as eat more healthy fat. After freaking out about it Georgia gave me some advice, as I was starting... Continue Reading →

21/04/2018 Journal Weekly Stats

Over the last couple of week I have been working hard getting my training in and hitting the cardio as hard as I can also. Last week was strength week which ends today and meant I only hit the weights three days today being the last. My week looked like his; Monday: Weights Tuesday: Cycle... Continue Reading →

Journal 12/04/2018

Well how have I been getting on this week then. Not bad to be honest here is my rundown; Monday: Stayed on track with my food and hit the weights Chest and Abs day Tuesday: Again on track with my food hit the weight back day and in the evening on the bike for my... Continue Reading →

Journal 03/04/2018

Well the weekend I was feeling sorry for myself just wanted to get back in the gym and continue my journey. On Sunday I gave in and in the morning I worked on my arms managing to stay off my leg. Then we went to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit, I wasnt that sold... Continue Reading →

Journal 30/03/2018

Yesterday was the injection day I was at the hospital for 7:30am only to be met with an overcrowded waiting room. I gave my name then Georgia and I stood waiting to be called, I wasnt sure how long this would be as my father waited 4 hours a few weeks ago. But within 10... Continue Reading →

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