Journal 05/02/2018

The weekend flew by and I made some bad food choices ate pizza and drank beer but it is what it is. This week is my strength week I am working out three times this week and each workout will consist of Squatting, Deadlifting and either bench pressing or military presses. Last night was Squat,... Continue Reading →

Journal 03/02/2018 Weekly Stats

How did this week go? The answer is really well I have managed to stay on plan with food choices got all my workouts in. I did only get one cardio session in but that's fine. On reflection having my meals for the day as microwave meals kept me from straying. I found myself working... Continue Reading →

Journal 30/01/2018

So I didnt get up early and go for that run, I did get up early and decided to hit the weights at 5am. Felt really good and really strong which was great. It was leg night tonight which was a hard one I had an hour window between dropping my son off at Cubs... Continue Reading →

Journal 28/01/18

Yesterday evening I decided to go for a 5k run to get some cardio it, it was soooo hard. I havent run for 4 months and I could certainly tell, I just wanted it to end. Today was rugby coaching, the age groups were staged due to bad weather and lack of playing space. So... Continue Reading →

Journal 25/01/2018

Well after two months I am back on my blog , a lot has happened but I am glad to be back. So I haven't got that 10% body fat yet and took a month off training. I also bulked by eating loads over Xmas but not sure that counts.  Anyway I am two weeks... Continue Reading →

Journal 01/11/2017

Over the last couple of days I have come to the realisation that I have been doing to much as I was starting to struggle to function. This has lead to me having to make some hard choices. Georgia spoke to me about me thinking there was more time in the day than there really... Continue Reading →

Journal 30/10/2017

Today was a bit hectic I woke up and totally unprepared for the day ahead. Georgia cooked me some white fish and armed with this and tuna i set off to work. I managed to hit the office at 8am in preparation for my first meeting. This meeting over ran and I was offered pizza... Continue Reading →

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