Journal 26/05/2018 Weekly Stats

The last week has been my deload/rest week and has been interesting as at first I really wanted to be back in the gym on my routine. However during the week I got used to not hitting the weights and concentrated on my cardio. I also started looking at video blogging and using YouTube as... Continue Reading →

Journal 19/05/2018 Weekly Stats

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks I have been revising for exams which have gone well.This however hasn't stopped me working out and eating well I will cover below what I have been up to. Food First I must say changing my macros and diet has been great I have pushed through... Continue Reading →

21/04/2018 Journal Weekly Stats

Over the last couple of week I have been working hard getting my training in and hitting the cardio as hard as I can also. Last week was strength week which ends today and meant I only hit the weights three days today being the last. My week looked like his; Monday: Weights Tuesday: Cycle... Continue Reading →

Journal 25/03/2018 Weekly Stats

The rest of the week shaped up well got my training in and 2 more cardio sessions so really pleased. Friday night was cheat night went out with Georgia had some drinks and Tapas which was lovely. I did start to feel tired though this week and my lifts were on par or slightly lower.... Continue Reading →

Journal 18/03/2018 Weekly Stats

This week I managed to keep to my diet and get my workouts along with three cardio sessions. It went to pot on Friday though as endulged in some food I shouldn't have but hey it okay to have a cheat meal. Problem was I had another one Saturday night. My own fault and just... Continue Reading →

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