Spelt Flour Pancakes

Georgia and I this weekend said what shall we have for breakfast rather than our typical run of the mill breakfast. I have tended recently to get very stuck in my ways when it comes to my foods. So we decided on pancakes as we hadn't had them for ages but pancakes with a difference.... Continue Reading →

Turkey Chilli

  It's Sunday cook off day I am getting ready for another busy week at work and I want to ensure I am eating well. So time to make my lunches and what I tend to do is make a batch of something that I can portion up and eat daily. At the moment I... Continue Reading →

Dan’s Macro Sunday Breakfast

So its Sunday and the kids have had breakfast and off playing. The food delivery came and I am clearing out the fridge for food that needs to be used and getting ready for next week. So I had some sweet potato mash that needs using I have another batch I am making today for... Continue Reading →

Syn Free Roasties

So its Sunday afternoon and another week at work looms, the weekends really aren't long enough. So what's better than to end the week with a family roast dinner round the table. Roast dinners are definitely up there as one of my favourite meals and you have to have good roast potatoes to go with... Continue Reading →

Swedish Breakfast Hash

So this is actually a recipe my wife saw in a Slimming World magazine and we wanted to try and hadn't got to. Well my wife had some bad news today and was feeling low, so when I got home from work I decided to give it a go as its looks like a feel... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Omelette

Today I started off the day with a great breakfast omelette, it’s a recipe my wife shared with me. Its quick easy and very healthy, but of course tastes great. Ingredients 3x Eggs 1/2 Teaspoon Cinnamon 1 Banana 85g 100g Low Fat Yoghurt ( I go for Skyr available at Lidl either Strawberry or Blueberry... Continue Reading →

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