Journal 05/06/2018 Stats

The weekend was not the greatest after my promises not to drink at the part we were throwing it all went out the window. But on the plus side I did have a good time and I cant drink much anyway. Sunday I went running around the woods with Alex playing laser tag, it was... Continue Reading →

Journal 29/05/2018 Weekly

Firstly you can watch my YouTube video if you don't want to read the blog scroll to the bottom and click play, otherwise keep reading. The bank holiday weekend was very successful I always worry on weekends when I am not in my daily routine. Rather than trying to plan what to eat on weekends... Continue Reading →

Journal 26/05/2018 Weekly Stats

The last week has been my deload/rest week and has been interesting as at first I really wanted to be back in the gym on my routine. However during the week I got used to not hitting the weights and concentrated on my cardio. I also started looking at video blogging and using YouTube as... Continue Reading →

Journal 19/05/2018 Weekly Stats

Sorry I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks I have been revising for exams which have gone well.This however hasn't stopped me working out and eating well I will cover below what I have been up to. Food First I must say changing my macros and diet has been great I have pushed through... Continue Reading →

Journal 24/04/2018

Well after my post on Saturday about changing my macros and diet I then moved on to plan it all. This wasnt fun, I didn't think it would be so hard to change something as simple as eat more healthy fat. After freaking out about it Georgia gave me some advice, as I was starting... Continue Reading →

21/04/2018 Journal Weekly Stats

Over the last couple of week I have been working hard getting my training in and hitting the cardio as hard as I can also. Last week was strength week which ends today and meant I only hit the weights three days today being the last. My week looked like his; Monday: Weights Tuesday: Cycle... Continue Reading →

Journal 12/04/2018

Well how have I been getting on this week then. Not bad to be honest here is my rundown; Monday: Stayed on track with my food and hit the weights Chest and Abs day Tuesday: Again on track with my food hit the weight back day and in the evening on the bike for my... Continue Reading →

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