Journal 22/02/2018

How has the week gone so far that is the question. To be honest it has had its ups and downs. Foodwise I am happy I have been inside my macros and Georgia has been helping me out with lunches. Today she got up and made me a Turkey chilli after cooking me breakfast. She... Continue Reading →

Journal 20/02/2018

The weekend was interesting again had too many wines. This weekends challenge no alcohol, we are going to a party Friday so opted be nominated driver. We are also off to London to watch some rugby so again driving, that should do it. I did make my brownies very nice will post the recipe and... Continue Reading →

Journal 15/02/2018

Today started off a bit glum feeling sorry for myself but got into work and perked up a bit. I have now got the pain killers from the doctors so started taking those today. When I got home I hit the weights today was as follows; Incline Bench Warmup and then 3x12 EZ Bar Bicep... Continue Reading →

Journal 14/02/2018

Today I was up early hit the weights it was a shoulder and abs day. My morning looked like this; Military Press - Warmup + Working sets Front Raise Bent over Rear Delt Raise Abs Circuit x3 Cable Crunch x12 Air Bicycles 60 Plank 1 minute I felt strong this morning and managed to up... Continue Reading →

Journal 13/02/2018

Yesterday gave me a real battering, but I did think at least I have a valid excuse for leg day. I couldn't really sleep last night I awoke in the early hours and kept thinking about it all running around in my head. I decided to get up and hit the gym so at 4:45am... Continue Reading →

Journal 12/02/2018

So what did the weekend have instore for me after ending strength week Friday. Well Friday I woke feeling really ill and had decided not to train but after I got up and sorted myself out I did hit the weights and felt better for it. Then Friday night I played rugby at Eastleigh RFC... Continue Reading →

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