James Kennedy – Guide to Supplementation

Hi All, This is my first Podcast for my blog www.fit4forty.blog in which I am speaking with James Kennedy founder of Get-Focused find them here at www.get-focused.co.uk. I first met James when I attended a talk on nutrition at a conference and he was the speaker. I straight away realised he really knew his stuff. So afterwards I... Continue Reading →

Lindy BNX-60 Headphones

So I have been thinking for a while about getting some bluetooth headphones as I wanted them for a multitude of reasons. Here is my reasoned list to justify parting with the cash; Cardio in the gym, as currently I use my over ear headphones but the cable doesn't stretch to allow the my phone... Continue Reading →

Protein what is it good for?

Protein supplements have become a multi million pound industry and its hard to be into any type of sport or any health plan and not come across it. In-fact we see it everywhere we turn, its plastered across all fitness and health magazines and sold in most gyms. Out of any supplement protein is the... Continue Reading →

Slimming Clubs

A subject I wanted to cover as part of my blog was slimming clubs as these have helped me in the past and I will explain when they can work for you and when they don’t. I would say most people have a common impression of a slimming club, people crowding into an old drafty... Continue Reading →

FAD Diets

So what are FAD diets, I have tried all sorts of FAD diets in my time looking for the holy grail, that secret your promised from all those adverts. Lose weight fast with little or no effort. Sounds great where do I sign up, what do I need to do! The thing with the latest... Continue Reading →

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