Journal 03/04/2018

Well the weekend I was feeling sorry for myself just wanted to get back in the gym and continue my journey. On Sunday I gave in and in the morning I worked on my arms managing to stay off my leg. Then we went to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit, I wasnt that sold... Continue Reading →

Building a home gym

There are many reasons why people decide to build a home gym to be honest. It could be you dont like using public gyms, or like me have 3 kids and cant always get away. For instance my wife works a Tuesday night so when the kids are in bed it allows me to hit... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Brownies

I decided to make myself some chocolate brownies. I absolutely love them and so this is going to be a treat for my lunch box. This recipe uses sweet potato and porridge oats to get the consistency instead of flour. Ingredients 1kg Sweet Potato 200g Porridge Oats 6 tbsp sweeter 2 eggs 12 dates chopped... Continue Reading →

James Kennedy – Guide to Supplementation

Hi All, This is my first Podcast for my blog in which I am speaking with James Kennedy founder of Get-Focused find them here at I first met James when I attended a talk on nutrition at a conference and he was the speaker. I straight away realised he really knew his stuff. So afterwards I... Continue Reading →

Lindy BNX-60 Headphones

So I have been thinking for a while about getting some bluetooth headphones as I wanted them for a multitude of reasons. Here is my reasoned list to justify parting with the cash; Cardio in the gym, as currently I use my over ear headphones but the cable doesn't stretch to allow the my phone... Continue Reading →

Mint, choc-chip and banana ice cream

So its Saturday and at last I have managed to get around to making the long awaited mint choc-chip ice cream. I grabbed this recipe from Slimming World magazine it stood out to me as something that looked good and wasn't laden with sugar. I plan to sit and eat this tonight with a glass... Continue Reading →

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Protein what is it good for?

Protein supplements have become a multi million pound industry and its hard to be into any type of sport or any health plan and not come across it. In-fact we see it everywhere we turn, its plastered across all fitness and health magazines and sold in most gyms. Out of any supplement protein is the... Continue Reading →

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