My name is Dan Mulliss and this is my fist ever blog, its something I wanted to create to help others. I have never been one to put myself on a pedestal, I have always been a background person. I thought about doing this a lot and never had the courage to do it. I would say it felt cringey and embarrassing but here I am now.

Well what is it all about? This is a lifestyle blog concentrating on my journey through life and fitness. I want to share with you my personal health my goals and write about it as I try to achieve them in a modern day judgmental society. This isnt a blog in which I tell you I used to be obese and look at me now. It’s a blog about me reaching my goals and struggles along the way.

Let me tell you a bit about myself I had an active childhood lots of outdoor play and was always fit and healthy. When I reached my late teens early 20’s life changed I began to eat. Now eating isn’t a bad thing we all need to do it to survive right, but it’s what I was eating Pizza’s, kebabs you name it if it was junk I ate it. On top of this I smoked 20-40 cigs a day and drank beer daily.

Below is a picture of me taken about 4 years ago weighing just under 15 stone, I don’t have many pictures back then. As I never let people take photos of me due to not wanting to see myself. Along side it is a picture of me today.


At that point in my life it had to change this wasn’t fun this was self loathing pure unhappiness manifesting in a form I would say now was self-abuse. Don’t get me wrong my life was not totally crap I had friends and hobbies but there was the darkness inside me that was pushing these habits and with all habits I needed to break the cycle.

Well I wouldn’t say today I totally have but I would say I manage it and always want to push myself further to meet my goals.

In this blog I am going to cover how I got to where I am today and my continued push to reach my goals. I want to discuss with you those around who supported me and those who didn’t know how to. I am going to tell you my fears and how I overcame them the drivers that pushed me and inspired me.

I also want to carry on and discuss my relationships with food and fitness and try to help others to let you know your not alone.

Well thanks for reading and let’s start this journey together.

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