Cutting Update 11/02/2019

I am lying awake in bed waiting for kids to fall asleep before going to wrap my sons birthday presents so thought I would update you all.

In my last update I mentioned I was cutting again. This has been going okish I have faltered a couple of times but down to 78.7kg. I keep dreaming about a Grand Big Mac but so far resisted what would ultimately be a let down. I managed to stick to my macros over the weekend and into the beginning of the week so happy with that. Weekends are the hardest for me and when I tend to falter.

I also stated how I joined Anytime Fitness in Barnstaple as we are relocating to do up a house. Well that turned into a right rigmarole, the move has taken longer than we thought and I haven’t been able to go and register. This meant I couldn’t get my access fob so can’t go to the gym. This left me paying to go to another local gym for £5 a pop. The gym I have been using though is good as it’s quiet but I am in effect paying two memberships. Tonight I went into Anytime fitness Eastleigh to transfer the membership which they said might not be straight forward. I kept telling Georgia we need to drive to Devon to get the fob she thought it was hilarious.

Training has been spot on though and I am enjoying it again. Last year just before Christmas I was struggling with enthusiasm but now really eager to get in the gym and smash it.

I have decided also to try out a new training app call strong I will let you know how that goes once I have used it. I will do a review about what I do and don’t like.

Right it looks like everyone is asleep so I am off to wrap presents for one exited to be 6 year old!

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