Return of the Cut 2019

So I haven’t blogged for the last 3 months all through my bulking phase I have various reasons/excuses for why I haven’t been blogging.

  1. Work
  2. Life
  3. Lack of enthusiasm
  4. Other stuff I cant think of right now

So today I have made the point to sit down and cover what has been going on. I planned for October to switch to a bulking diet and try and gain as much mass as possible whilst changing my workout plan from my traditional 5 days split to a 4 day push and pull.

The Bulk

The bulk didnt really work as well as I hoped, at first I was excited and really went for it, I was feeling stronger and loving the new workout. The I got complacent and started to eat too much! I also stopped tracking my food and weight towards the end and just ate everything I saw. Working out the started to wain off, I started a new job and was working more so started dropping off the the gym sessions. My plan was to always take the bulk right through to the end of December so in Jan I would start my cut again.

To be honest I am a bit pissed with myself but alas its happened and its how I control it now that makes the difference. To be honest my whole life is now currently changing which I will come to in a second.

The Cut

So come beginning of Jan I jumped on the scales to see an increase in 12kg of weight boom! I knew this as I was also not able to fit in my clothes as the waist had expanded considerably.  I then put together my new workout plan which I need to tweak again as it isnt right yet and off I have gone on a cutting diet. 4 weeks in and I have dropped about 2kg which is 4.4llbs. I am looking to lose 1-2llbs per week so it is ok although I can see my weight had started to baseline the last two weeks so I have dropped my calories down to 2000 and will assess next week. I am going to keep blogging weekly to discuss my progression and how I have got on.

Life Changes

So Georgia and I have always talked about lie changes etc.. not just for us but also the kids and this has turned into changing quite a lot.

  1. We have bought a property in North Devon to do up rent and also use a base
  2. We are going to relocate there for at least the renovation and I am looking forward to surfing as much as possible
  3. Georgia and I are starting a business together which is really exciting more about this at a later date

So there is a lot on I am having to sell my weights and saying goodbye to my home gym which is painful. I had to wave goodbye to my leg press the other week it almost bought a tear to my eye. So as I am going to be travelling a lot now around the country to keep my training on track I have had to join a gym.

After a lot of searching and staring at my screen I have settled for @anytimefitnessbarnstaple as it will be near to where I live is and is brand new opening on the 4th Feb you can go to any of their gyms nationally which works for me. I am hoping to get up there soon and have a look around so will blog about it.

So moving on I will keep you up to date with how our family move goes, my cutting and training progression and what other madness comes my way.

Oh and this year I am 40!





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