Journal 22/09/18 Bulk

I have just come off a rest week which was well needed and I am now back in the gym.

I still feel tired but that is more to do with work and family life that training. I have also has some motivational issues this week but I have made myself push through it. I have one more training session to do tomorrow.

Food wise I have had a good week been eating well and come back from my weight loss and put on a gain I am going to up my calories next week adding 50g of carbs into my diet. I did toy with doing it last week but thought I would wait as was coming off of a rest week. To get those carbs in I am going to make sweet potato cakes using spelt flour and dates this will help boost my carb in take during the day. Bagels are a new firm favourite also in my diet.

Today I had a cheat meal and had a McDonalds with the kids I dont recall the last time I had one but have to say I dont really miss it all that much.

Training side as I said it was hard getting in the gym, but I am still making gains in areas so really happy. I may have to drop my weight a little on my dead lift as I was losing form and the last thing I want is an injury. So plan there is drop the weight and up the reps a little.

I need to also mix my program up tomorrow so that I dont bored and am hitting everything. The plan is add unilateral exercises for this cycle of 6-7 weeks so I am keeping everything in proportion.

Here is my dashboard recording my weight gain over the last few weeks

2209dashyou can see I dropped weight on week 8 but have bought it back this week. 

My current weight average is sitting at 70.4kg up from the previous week of 69.6kg.

Now for the pics below are all my pics from this week I am definitely now starting to look puffier.








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