Journal 08/09/2018 – Bulk

I didnt update my blog last week so this update covers two weeks, food wise its been fine I am in my daily routine at work of eating my meals and then coming home in the evening and eating my last remaining macros.

I am however finding the amount of food that I am preparing a bit of a chore to be honest and I need to workout other methods of achieving it. I also need better containers to carry it all in, I suppose thats my challenge to myself this week.

In myself its been a bit of a struggle over the past couple of weeks I havent been sleeping well and starting to feel really tired. I think its because I have hit seven weeks on the trot training and so next week will be a rest week. I will fill the week with Yoga and some work on my arms and abs.

The rugby season started last week and we were back out on the field coaching the kids it was great to see everyone again. I did however over do it a bit and I ended up the early days of last week with pain in my hips. So I need to remember not to get to excited and run around.

Also on Friday night I popped in with my daughter to Lakeside Weight Lifting to say hi and catchup. If you live in Hampshire or further afield and want to learn to lift in a relaxed friendly no ego environment this is the place to go. Love those lot.

My training this week was;

Monday / Tuesday – Push/Pull strength

Friday / Sunday – Push/Pull hypertrophy

Stats and pics

So last time my weight gain had hit a plateau so I added 50g of carbs into my diet to see if that helped. Looking at my stas over the last couple of weeks it definitely has with two gains on my weight both between the 0.5 – 2lbs markers. I am going to leave my diet as


it is for now until I plateau again and will adjust again.

Stregth wise I have continued to make gains in the gym adding more weight or reps to my workouts so that certainly is good. I am starting to also see new changes to my body especially my lats.

Pics below;






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