Journal 26/08/2018 – Bulk

Another week of bulking under the belt I was away this week for work and was staying in a hotel but I disnt want to eat the food they have so made a stop at a local co-op and img_20180823_142116_4185563439485977278314.jpgbought my supplies which consisted of chicken, chorizo, salad and greek yoghurt. I had also taken apples and oranges so when working the next day I would have food to eat at hand. This was an up for me as it meant I didnt end up having a cheat meal.

I did have a bit of an episode on Friday night my sister came over with her husband and we had some Prosecco and cooked a load of pizza. I ended up eating quite a bit of pizza and having to much to drink then ate two double deckers. Bad Dan!

I am struggling to eat my macros just finding foods I can eat I need to put together a list and combos I can eat to keep me on track.

Training wise I am really enjoying it I am getting stronger and stronger every session see either reps going up or weight going on the bars. This is great makes me smile the down side is I am slowly losing that definition but it goes with the territory. Working away meant I changed my training days but because I am only hitting 4 days a week it allowed to still get my week in.

My training this week was;

Monday / Tuesday – Push/Pull strength

Friday / Sunday – Push/Pull hypertrophy

Stats and pics

My weight has stayed the same this week from 69.1 to 69.1kg average so I will add 200 calories to my diet as carbs and see what the result is next week. So that will equal and extra 50g of carbs from good sources and as low GI as possible.

I have also decided to include this week one of my bulking dashboards which I use

Dashboard Weight Gain

to track my gains based on my average over the week. Here you can see I track my average gain which should be between 0.5 – 2 llbs but this week I didnt make any movement.

One thing I am really happy with at the moment is my back its coming on really well and is looking awesome.




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