Hitting My Goal 10% BF

I wanted to to write a blog post about hitting my 10% Body Fat goal. In the flurry of life I seemed to have skirted over it but it is important to me.

I chose to meet this goal after receiving news that I was going to need a double hip replacement in 5 years. My mind was in a spin at the time as I was Powerlifting, my goal there was to start to compete. Sadly this never happened and then my uncle suddenly died which also had a massive affect on me and my family.

So following that I did some real soul searching and decided to hit 10% BF its a goal something to aim for. That goal I started back in April this year at which point I was currently 19% BF which I wouldn’t say is bad place to be.

Reflecting on this it gave me something I could concentrate on and really get my teeth into. Its was something I could control in my world when at the time everything seemed to be spinning out of control.

So the first thing I did was research and learn, I know a lot about nutrition as I have learnt a lot over the years. However there is always more to learn. Through the process I have learnt so much more and expect to do so as I carry on. I listened to a podcast the other day by a chap called Jeff Olson in it he said ‘If you read a book and learn then practice it. When you pickup the book again it is like it has been rewritten’. That it so true and I have definitely found this.

I planned out my diet plan then put in place my training plan and I started. Then a pattern started to emerge that went succeed, fail, adapt, succeed, fail  adapt succeed and so on. The way to succeed is to accept failure and address it then move forward as success is based on failure and the ability to learn. One other thing I have realised is that it is important to have people whom you can talk. As someone looking in on a situation can give you advice you cannot see for yourself. As different viewpoints are able to spot areas which could be causing us not to progress that we just cant see.

The result of all this is that I hit my 10% BF target, it wasnt’ easy and I went off plan I felt like chucking the towel in sometimes. But I kept going and smashing through the lifting and cardio sessions thinking about the end goal. When I didnt want to get up in the mornings I would use techniques to get my arse out of bed which I will share in other blogs. I had to do it around having a family and try to maintain a family life not being absent in the gym.

The result now is that I have learnt so much about my body and how it reacts to nutrition when dieting. For example I know that when cutting I should choose a low carb high fat diet rather than a low fat high carb diet. I know what foods I like and how meal timing can affect my training sessions.  All this is information I can now use going forward and moving on to my next goals.

So whats next what are my goals?
Well my next goal is to compete next year in a Physique competition and to be in a position to get on the stage, thats it!.

To get there I need to get quite a bit bigger than I am today so now I need to start bulking and I am currently 2 weeks in. My bulk is going to last as long as it needs to before I cut to hit the competition. Roughly I will be bulking for the next 8 months in which I am going to fail, adapt, succeed and learn so much more. I will write in my blog and share this journey with you all.

Now for before and after photos firstly here I am in April:


And finally here I am again today;

To end it all I have to say I am amazed at my body transformation and really proud of myself. But this is just the beginning now I have the foundation from which I am going to work from to build myself up.

  • Transformation 1 = TICK
  • Transformation 2 = Watch this space!

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