Journal 07/08/2018

Hello everyone I thought I should write a quick blog as I didn’t put my stats up this week due to being away.

I have now hit my cutting goal and rebounded into my bulk phase in order to put on lean mass. This comes with the added benefit of eating more which is nice as I now feel full and not getting cravings.

The move to the bulk is something I am still transitioning to just finding enough to eat is hard some days but I am planning my food to spread out through the day. I ended my cut on approx 1700 calories and now I have moved to my bulk I have started out on 2200.

The way to know if this is right or not is to watch my weekly average weight gains. I want to be putting on in the region of 0.5 – 2 llbs per week. This ensures I am minimising the amount of fat I am accumulating whilst bulking. The thing is due to being in a calorie surplus I will gain fat there is no escaping that but I want to limit it.

So the question is now how long do I bulk for?

Well I spoke to my mentor James today about the comp I want to do next year and what I need to do to prepare and two things came out of that conversation.

  1. Bulking – Probably going to be bulking for approximately 8 months.
  2. Training – I am now changing my training routine as of now from my normal classic 5 day split and moving to Push/Pull/Leg routine. Mixing in strength along with hypertrophy.

I am hoping to still do my blog on cutting and how you measure it sorry I haven’t got there yet life has been hectic.

My weekly stats will be the same as before but will cover my bulk rather than my cut and I will explain what I am looking for. My leanness is now going to slowly eb away but hey its all for a good cause.

One last shout out to my friend Miles whom I trained with in North Devon on Saturday, my arms are still hurting from those 21s!

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