Journal 28/07/2018 Weekly Stats

Another week down and how do I feel this week has not been to bad as always I will cover training and then my diet.


Trading wise I have had a good week, I managed to do my 5 day split in a row Monday to Friday and now I am taking two days off but do intend to do some abs work today.

My shoulder pain is slowly getting better with higher rep work and generally being more aware of it. I now carry my work bag with two straps also which has helped. I also used a foam roller in the gym the other day it was very spikey more so than mine but it worked magic. I have had a pain in my rhomboid for ages but now it has gone. 

Here is my training program from last week.

Monday – Weights AM / Cardio PM

Tuesday – Weights AM 

Wednesday – Cardio AM / Weights PM

Thursday – Cardio AM / Weights Lunch / Cardio PM

Friday – Weights AM

So that’s four cardio sessions this week happy with that and all my weight sessions completed. I am now having two days rest.


Now to food and on the whole it’s been ok I kept to my macros all week but then I slipped up. It’s confession time people, Thursday I drank two big glasses of Prosecco and ate chicken nuggets and crisps the kids had. Yesterday I was up early in the gym then drove to Devon got here 8pm drank about 5 beers ate wraps and chocolate biscuits. I am annoyed with myself now but I intend on my two days off to be on track 100%.


Let’s start with my weight well this morning it was up to 66.1kg which isn’t a shock. My average from the week is down from last week to 65.2kg. 

Next week I am on my own as the family are away so more of the same. Next week will be my last cutting week and then I will transition to my bulk.

Photos time

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