Journal 21/07/2018 Weekly Stats

So next week is my estimated goal week of reaching my target of 10% BF and I have noticed on my scales at home I am gradually getting there. I am also seeing a slight drop in weight along with changes in the mirror. I am starting to feel a lot smaller now but a lot more ripped. I am also starting to see a 4 pack emerge in my abs which I have never seen before.

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So my focus next week is more of the same get in the weight sessions along with the cardio.

My food this week has been a bit over the place but I have been hitting my macros I have made sure of that. I have really been suffering from hunger pangs though wanting to eat cakes and chocolate.  Its really weird as I don’t have a sweet tooth I am more of a savoury person but the cravings have all been sweet related. Again next week its going to be more of the same I just need to prep my meals. I think what has thrown me is trying to consume most my carbs around my training.

The weekend was thrown as well due to the party I didn’t eat to my macros but made sure I didn’t exceed them. That’s good and bad but I will explain that another day.

The plus out of it is that I have managed to stay strong and not give in to the urges and have done this by drinking hot drinks and sparkling water.

This week was back to the weights and cardio with mixed results to be honest.

Bench – Day 1 I was benching and it was bloody hard.  I couldn’t bench anywhere near my normal weight and had to take 15kg off the bar. This was all down to being tired as we had the party on the weekend and I had totted up about 6 hours sleep over two days and not eaten properly along with drinking. Its amazing the effect food and sleep can have on your body.

Back – For my back this week I replaced my full deadlift with rack pulls as I was getting pain in my hip before. For anyone who doesn’t know a rack pull is the deadlift motion from just below the knee upwards, rather from the floor. This worked I took the weight right up and next day no pain so will be doing this from now on.

Shoulders  – I still have this pain in my right shoulder which is concerning and again on my shoulders day I dropped the weights and upped the reps. I think this is going to be the case for the foreseeable. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t healing but I think I have made a break through. I carry my rucksack on this shoulder and its bloody heavy, so I am going to avoid carrying it and either use both straps or swap shoulders.

On a good note my traps and neck are no longer hurting I think this linked to keeping my head neutral when lifting and not being tempted to look into the mirror. A vanity injury I will class it as. 🙂

This week looked like the following;
Monday: Weights AM & Cardio PM
Tuesday: Weights PM
Wednesday: Cardio AM & Weights PM
Thursday: Cardio Lunch
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Weights AM
Sunday:  Cardio AM

So thats 4 cardio sessions this week I am really happy with that.

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Weight = 64.9kg this is down from 65.7kg. My average is 65.6 so gone down again from 66.1.

Stomach Measurement = 79cm (down 1 CM there is my win for this week)
BF% Approx = 11ish (Scales say 10 consistently)

Also this weekend I am going to do a blog on measurement to be successful ensuring we  meet our goals. I will talk about how I plan to learn about my body and how it reacts and what I have learnt already on my journey. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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