Journal 15/07/2018 Weekly Stats

This week has been my rest week and I have taken a week off the weights hit them again on the weekend as I was itching to get back into it.

I have had real pain from my right shoulder shooting up the back of my neck into my head this week. It has interrupted my sleep and I am starting to get concerned by this so plan is to ice.

Life this week has been hectic again work has taken centre stage and when out of work with the kids. Georgia was working Tuesday and then really ill on Wednesday so both nights I have got home and sorted them with tea as well as being up early for work. (I am playing my violin now)

Food was better this week I managed to get all my weeks food cooked Sunday and then froze it all in the freezer. Worked out each lunch was approx £1 in cost for ingredients. My food is going to have to change in the coming weeks though as I need to change when I consume my carbs etc… so lunch may well become breakfast. I will explain that in a bit.

All cardio this week accept for the weekend when I was back on the weights but not officially.

This week looked like the following;
Monday: Cardio AM & Cardio PM
Tuesday: Cardio AM & Walk PM
Wednesday: Cardio PM (Lunch break at work)
Thursday: Cardio AM
Friday: Day Off
Saturday: Weights AM
Sunday:  PM


So thats FIXME cardio sessions this week I am really happy with that.

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Before I go into this last week I thought I had hit my 10% Bodyfat I was so excited I was going to bulk. I get to eat yeah clean bulk though not an excuse to eat rubbish. So I managed to get myself booked into GetFocused with James to use his new 3D Body Scanner and confirm my milestone.

This didn’t go as expected it turns out I am approx 13% bodyfat and have a few weeks still to go. But I am almost there and will hit it, I spoke to James about eating most my carbs around my workouts and then just consume fats and protein for the rest of the day. This means I need to change my eating habits and build a new routine. I hate changing routines but as of next week thats how it will be.

Below is a page that shows an output of the bodyscan and I plan to have another in 4 weeks time to see if I have indeed hit 10%.

Basic Info

Profile                                                                                      Summary

Your profile information Wellness Information
Full Name Daniel Mulliss Body Fat % 13.0%
Age 39 Weight (Fat) 8.5 kg
Gender Male Weight (Non-Fat) 57.2 kg
Height & Weight 175 cm & 65.7 kg ACE Rank Your body fat % rank is Fit
Email ACSM Rank Lower body fat than 80% of your peers
Scan Date 7/10/2018 4:04:25 PM BMR 1587 Calories/day
Location Get Focused Health Risks 0% higher than ideal


Weight = 65.7kg this is down from 66.1kg. My average is 66.1 so gone down again.

Stomach Measurement = 79cm (down 1 CM there is my win for this week)
BF% Approx = 13

This weekend we had a fabulous party and about 140 people turned up throughout the day, it was lovely to see all our friends and family. We ate, drank and were merry so I expect my average to go up slightly next week as I made the choice to leave the cutting for a day.



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