Journal 07/07/2018

My second week back from my holidays and then its rest week. I am writing this journal a little late apologies for that. I am having a hectic week and have started a new job so time has been a commodity for me. I am writing this at my desk in my lunch break.

Food has been odd this week as I dont have my usual meals so been making adhoc meals to eat which makes me feel uncomfortable. However I did go shopping at the end of week with a plan to cook up chicken and rice for the week.
Training has been hard this week I was getting a lot of pain in my hip and as such on back day I didn’t hit my deadlifts instead I decided to remove them and replace with cable rows. This worked and the pain subsided so when it came to my leg day I reduced the weight and upped the reps. Again I cam out of this with no pain so really happy.

This week looked like the following;
Monday: Cardio AM & Weights PM
Tuesday: Cardio AM & Cardio PM
Wednesday: Weights AM &Walk PM
Thursday: Cardio AM & Weights PM
Friday: Day Off
Saturday: Weights AM \ Cardio PM
Sunday: Weights PM


So thats 5 cardio sessions this week I am really happy with that.
Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Weight = 66.1kg this is down from 66.2kg not much down. My average is 66.8 so gone up slightly from the previous week.

Stomach Measurement = 80cm (down 1 CM there is my win for this week)
BF% Approx = 12

Sorry no pics this week as hadnt done them, I did go out with Lakeside Weight Lifting Club though on Sunday for a picnic was good. Really nice to see that crew, I loved working out at that club as they are a great bunch of people. If you live in Eastleigh area and want to go down to see them I thoroughly recommend it. If you know me and don’t want to go alone I am more than happy to come along and do intros just contact me on Facebook.





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