Journal 30/06/2018 Weekly Stats

I am back now for my first weekly stats after being away for a couple of weeks of surfing with the family.

If you don’t want to read this all content is covered in my video below;

When we went away I left work ran home jumped int he car and embarked on a 4 hour journey. When we got to the other end and unpacked I found I had none of my supplements nor did I have my protein. This freaked me out massively as I ddint know what to do and spent a few days in worrying. I then decided to enjoy the holiday and started to eat and drink, I didn’t follow any macros or track what I was eating.

When I came back I had put on few kgs which was to be expected and I just had to reside to the fact I have a couple of weeks added on to the end of my cut.

I wanted to cover my training in two stages on holiday and when I got back. So on holiday I managed to hit the gym as there was one where we were staying. I was in there most days and then would swim with the kids and go surfing. The gym was equipped with isolation machines and no free weights but they did have a cable machine. So I pretty much did everything on that which was fine and I enjoyed doing variations of exercises I hadn’t done before.

We got home on the Sunday night and I was back at work on the Monday,  so I was up early and hit the gym. Then I took some workout clothes to work to get some cardio in but it didn’t happen. I did later in the week manage to though so I now decided to leave my kit in the car boot if I ever get the opportunity. I also got two new 25kg weights delivered whilst I was away which was good as I was topping out on the leg press.

After coming back from holiday I having problem with my hip and was limping on Wednesday and Thursday. This led me to delay leg day until Saturday and I upped the rep ranges in order to reduce the weight.  The second injury I have picked up is right shoulder absolutely kills when pressing or doing front/side raises. This has got me down a bit but I am working round it and concentrating on bits of my body that do work.

This week looked like the following;
Monday: Weights AM 
 Cardio AM
 Weights AM\Cardio PM
 Weights AM 
 Weights PM
Cardio AM (Skateboarding) \ Weights PM

So thats 3 cardio sessions this week and I intend to slip another cardio session in tomorrow.

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Weight = 66.2kg this is down from 67.5kg so I thats good from holiday damage. My average is 66.2 down from 67.6kg which is also good so I am happy with that going in the right direction.

Stomach Measurement = 81cm
BF% Approx = 12

Now for the pics;





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