Journal 05/06/2018 Stats

The weekend was not the greatest after my promises not to drink at the part we were throwing it all went out the window. But on the plus side I did have a good time and I cant drink much anyway.

Sunday I went running around the woods with Alex playing laser tag, it was his mates birthday. I am also mates with his dad so we indulged along with his mum and another friend to play alongside the kids. We did really well and beat the other team but I think we were taking it far more seriously to be honest.

Monday I was back in the gym 4:30am start and it was chest and abs time really good session I hit all my lifts and even managed to up some of my lifts. Horagh!!!!

Monday evening went into Get Focused and James did my body stats my waist is down to 80cm from 84cm. But the best bit was body fat reading was 11.5% so I am nearly there to my target of 10% which is great just need to keep focused. My lean mass had also risen slightly which means I have not had muscle wastage which is exactly where I want to be.

I am really happy with the results but dont want to get complacent with it as I still have work to do and the holiday looming. James and I spoke about my diet also what I should do now for the final push and what does bulking look like for me.

So to push now I am going to decrease my calories by 100 per day taking about 50% from carbs and 50% from fat. This equates to removing about 5.5 grams from fat and 12.5 grams from carbs. Remember 1 gram of carb is 4 calories and 1 gram of fat is 9 so we divide that our 50 calories by those numbers to calculate the reduction.

Bulking on the other hand will look around 3000 calories to start but not worked out macros for that yet. I will do nearer the time I just need to concentrate on that magic number of 10% first.

Last night I hit some cardio and then got an early night then this morning I did do anything I had a lie in and then went to work. Tonight I am deadlifting so saving myself for a heavy lifting session.

But overall very happy and positive, funnily enough someone asked me yesterday why I was doing it. I couldn’t answer the question as I don’t really know anymore, just to prove to myself I can I suppose. I also love learning and the science behind nutrition and how my body responds.

My test results

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