Journal 02/06/2018 Weekly Stats

Back on it this week after my deload week had a change of exercises and was raring to get back into the gym.

If you don’t want to read this all content is covered in my video below;

Food has been spot on this week I kept to my diet I did have few occasions of running around in the eveenings trying to find something to eat that hit my macros but on the whole it was fine.

Today we have family and a few friends over and I have to try and stay away from the dreaded beer and keep in my macros. I can do it.

Training last week was good I did have one down day which was Friday I could hit all my reps which got me annoyed and my session went on for over an hout and a half no idea why. I also found training my legs this week exceptionally hard I did hit my numbers but it was really tough going.

This week looked like the following;

Sunday: Weights
Monday: Weights AM \ Cardio PM
 Cardio AM
 Weights AM
 Weights AM \ Cardio PM
 Weights AM
Cardio AM

So thats 4 cardio sessions this week I am really happy with that to be honest.

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Monday I am going to see Jame Kennedy and get my stats done there so will post an update Monday on how that went and how my weekend went. I have also started tracking all my averages so I can see my average weight loss along with forecasted loss plus weekly average loss in llbs.

Weight = 67.5kg this is down from 67.8kg so I am slowly decreasing my weight due to my calorie deficit although it has slowed. My average is 67.6 down from 68.2 which is also good so I am happy with that going in the right direction.

Stomach Measurement = 81cm same as last week.


Now for the pics courtesy of my daughter;





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