Journal 26/05/2018 Weekly Stats

The last week has been my deload/rest week and has been interesting as at first I really wanted to be back in the gym on my routine. However during the week I got used to not hitting the weights and concentrated on my cardio. I also started looking at video blogging and using YouTube as the platform to post my videos.

If you don’t want to read this all content is covered in my video below;

Also I ordered a Barbell row attachment which I am going to try out today.

Food this week has been good I have managed to stay within my macros and have been alternating breakfasts between bacon and egg and fish. Yesterday I went out for dinner so made sure I allowed for the meal in the evening.I enjoyed a lovely burger and fries which was lovely. This morning given I had more time  I attempted to make cottage cheese and oat pancakes that went wrong. I just made up the amounts but Georgia managed to save it for me.

Training last week I managed to get 6 cardio sessions in which was good and did some other light work and stretches.

I feel rested and ready to get back onto my next phase of training over a 4 week period which will see two weeks of that being on holiday.

This week looked like the following;

Monday: Cardio AM
 Cardio AM \ Cardio PM
 Cardio AM
 Cardio AM
Saturday: Cardio
 AM / Cardio PM (to happen)
Sunday: Not Planned yet

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Weight = 67.8kg this is down from 68.1kg so I am slowly decreasing my weight due to my calorie deficit and levels of activity. My average is 68 down from 68.6.

Stomach Measurement = 81cm same as last week.



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