Journal 19/05/2018 Weekly Stats

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks I have been revising for exams which have gone well.This however hasn’t stopped me working out and eating well I will cover below what I have been up to.

First I must say changing my macros and diet has been great I have pushed through plateaus with lifts and feel full of energy. Obviously it hasn’t all been plain sailing I do get some really bad cravings sometimes but I have managed to withstand them on the most part. There have been some glasses of wine moments that have happened but its a conscious decision. There have also been cases of me eyeing up the kids food and especially when they don’t want to eat all. (What have I become)

I did try the bullet coffee (thanks Bobbi) that was recommended and I really like, plus its a good boost for fat intake. I made it with butter, coconut oil and added a dash of vanilla extract. yum!

My diet is still very fish focused to the detriment  of everyone in the house when I am frying mackerel in the morning. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wasn’t the most popular person in the house.

Training wise I have been very active I have come to the end of my second phase of lifting and this week was strength week. Meaning 3 sessions all involving squat and deadlift swapping in and out military press and bench. This brings me up to an end of an 8 week phase and next week is rest week.

That doesn’t mean I am stopping everything I intend to work on my form with lighter sets. My bench needs work switching on those lats and the bottom of my deadlift when I get heavy I tend to slightly bulge my lower back which isnt good and need to keep it locked. As well as my form I am going to be stretching and hitting areas with the foam roller. Will dive back into ‘The Supple Leopard’ for some inspiration a good book if you have time to read it.

For cardio I have been on the bike and also getting through episodes of Badlands whilst cycling, so its win win there. I managed to get 7 sessions in on the bike this week and will aim for 5 next week.

Overall I am happy with the training my lifts are up on the most part and I am seeing real progress.

This week looked like the following;

Monday: Weights AM / Cardio PM
 Cardio AM
 Cardio AM / Cardio PM
 Weights AM / Cardio PM
 Cardio AM / Cardio PM
Weights AM / Cardio PM (to happen)
Sunday: Rest


A couple of weeks ago my hips started to hurt again which wasnt great and so I had to go back to the doctors. My medication got changed and now it seems to have settled, but I also went to see my surgeon and discuss options. It came down to keyhole surgery to repair cartilage and shave my femurs, a hip resurfacing or complete replacements. He gave me the options and said he would happily do what ever I wanted. After a long conversation I decided as the new drugs are working I would stay on them unless there was significant change. The reason being as soon as I do anything else there is no going back and I don’t know where that road leads.

Stats and Pics

Now for stats;

Weight = 68.1kg this is down from 69.2 so I am slowly decreasing my weight due to my calorie deficit and levels of activity. My average is 68.6 down from 69.5.

Stomach Measurement = 81cm this down 3cm from 84cm which is good news I am really starting to hit that hard to burn fat.



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