Journal 28/04/2018 Weekly Stats

My first week of changing my macros is now done and I think it went very well. I stuck to my diet (accept 10 chips I nicked off my son when he got some from the chip shop).

My weight average is lower this week my measurement around my waist is the same as last week but thats not worrying me. In myself I feel I have a lot more energy in the gym and dont feel anywhere as tired as I did before. Obviously that doesnt go for feeling tired because I have three kids no amount of food will fix that for me.

Firstly lets get stats out the way;

Weight: 69.2kg today but my week average is 69.5.
Waist: 84cm

Second what have I been doing this week well it looks like this;

Monday: Weights in the morning, cycling in the afternoon and 10,000 steps
Tuesday:Weights in the morning, cycling in the afternoon
Wednesday: Weights in the morning and 10,000 steps (Georgia was working and I literally paced the house to hit them)
Thursday: Cycling
Friday: Weights in the morning
Saturday: Weights AM then cycling pm

In my lifting I seem to have injured my right shoulder military pressing I think I was going to heavy. I have layed off that and it seems to be getting better, managed a couple of soaks in the bath this week. Leg wise I can feel the pain in my left leg even though I have changed medication this week, so thats not a good sign. I just need to be mindful of it.

I got my weekly shop delivered this morning including fish and avacado’s really loving the avacados. Today is also going to be my refeed day which I want to video blog about as most people use this as an excuse to go crazy when in fact it needs to be calculated. I am trying to raise leptin levels in my body and to do this I will lower my fat intake and up my carbs just for today. However the majority of those carbs need to be low on the GI scale and I personally try to stick below 50 if I can.

So now I am going to plan my food and for the day and then go hit those weights.

Also no photos today as my photographer Georgia has gone away to Spain for a holiday, I am not jealous in any way about this.


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