Journal 24/04/2018

Well after my post on Saturday about changing my macros and diet I then moved on to plan it all.

This wasnt fun, I didn’t think it would be so hard to change something as simple as eat more healthy fat. After freaking out about it Georgia gave me some advice, as I was starting to act like a crazy person talking into the open fridge like it was answering me.

She calmly said just layer it onto your existing food add some olive oil to food eat some avacado with your chicken. Chuck nuts in your lunch. How bloody sensible so I put down my scribbled note reading ‘drink olive oil’.

I thought I would share my diet with you and include supplements. If your also looking to cut it may help.

To start supplements:

  • Pea Protein once a day after exercise
  • Creatine 5g day
  • CLA (Helps promote fat loss)
  • Green Tea Extract
  • Omega 3 oil (may drop as eating fish)

So I am not drinking loads of protein shakes or taking other supplements because I am getting what I need from real food. Lots of people buy into supplements but a whole diet should cover it.

Now for my menu generally this is 5 days of the week Mon-Fri on the weekends I graze and track the macros. In the week I like routine so I know what’s happening.

Post Workout – Pea Protein, Creatine, GTE, Omega 3

Breakfast – Smoked Mackerel pan fried (Protein and healthy fat)

Mid Morning – Tuna in olive oil with cucumber (Protein and healthy fat)

Lunch – Chicken, rice, broccoli and cauliflower with cashew nuts. Bulk of my carbs here some eagle eyed readers may point out I should eat this after working out and so it may well become my breakfast meal.

Mid Afternoon – Almonds (Healthy fat)

Dinner – Chicken with Avacado (Protein and healthy fat)

Supper – Cottage Cheese and raspberries (Carb and slow releasing protein)

Bedtime Drink – Whole milk, Chai Seeds and Cocao (Protein, carb and healthy fat)

I have measured all the macros and the quantities are spot on to meet my daily goal.

After a few weeks I will mix it up again as I will get bored. Word of warning always take macros from food packaging don’t rely on online tool databases they are more commonly incorrect than correct. This caught me out again the other day when planning meals.

Strength week finished Saturday and I am now back into 5day split, with cardio on off days.

Sunday I had a setback, I didn’t train but my hip and leg started to hurt so much that it kept me up Sunday night. I went to see the doctor Monday and they changed my pain meds. I also called my consultant who is going to see me again and discuss options. I just need to wait for a consultation but the new pain meds are working at the moment so fingers crossed.

Monday I did manage to work my chest and abs though avoiding aggravating my legs.

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