21/04/2018 Journal Weekly Stats

Over the last couple of week I have been working hard getting my training in and hitting the cardio as hard as I can also.

Last week was strength week which ends today and meant I only hit the weights three days today being the last. My week looked like his;

Monday: Weights
Tuesday: Cycle Bike 60mins fat burn & Weights
Wednesday: Hit 13,000 steps
Thursday:Cycle Bike 60mins fat burn & Weights
Friday: 2xCycle Bike 60mins fat burn
Today: Weights

I have noticed that I was getting tired this week and its been hard to get what I want out of the sessions. I tried to change the times I workout to counter it and see if it made a difference. It did make a small difference doing it in the evening but that was about it I was still lacking energy in the mornings.

Food has been on the whole good I have kept to plan I had a cheat meal Wednesday consisting of a Donner Kebab and last night I had 3 or 4 glasses of wine (Wasnt planned).

We had a BBQ as the weather was good then Georgia and I had some wine. We then had a water fight with the kids and played some rugby in the garden.

This morning I went to visit my mate James Kennedy founder of Get Focused as he had offered to do my body stats for me. This then led to quite a long conversation about what my goals are and how I plan to achieve them. The great thing is he has such a deep knowledge in this area and his advice is invaluable. He has also allowed me to put a time line against my goal of reaching 10% bodyfat from today.

The outcome of our chat was the following;

Calories: My calories have come down to low and now I need to up them. This is why I am feeling tired etc.. So I am now going to up these from 1500 to nearer 2000. I think I was getting fixated with weight loss to be honest.
Macros: My macros were off and I wasnt eating enough fat so James has told me to increase my fat intake. He adjusted all of them for me and told me to stick to them for the next two weeks.
Weight: I may reduce weight but not to get that hung up on it as long as my BF is coming down and the measurement of waist decreases.
Cardio: I need to keep up the cardio but also get my daily steps up. I have a plan already how I am going to achieve the steps by going out at lunchtimes.
Supplements: James recommended CLA and keep with the GTE I already take but leave it at that.

So here are my stats:

Weight: 70.7kg
Waist: 84cm
BodyFat: 19%

James said based on this my target for 10% should be 18/19 weeks so that takes me to the 1st September. There we go a measurable goal I can do this and this blog will be my judge.

I am going to make all the changes then catchup with him again in two weeks about how its all going. This has given me a great boost by refocusing and now all I need to do is the hard work to get there.

Thank you James really appreciate the advice and taking your time to do my stats.

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