Journal 07/04/2018 Weekly Stats

Wednesday morning was a hard one I hit my shoulders but had no stregth to the point I blanked out a little and dropped my barbell. Looking at this I think I was hitting it all a bit to hard. I was hitting the cardio every day as well as the weights.

In the evening I went to the conference unfortunately there was not a selection of food and you had to eat what you were given. It wasnt the worst nor was it the best though and I also ended up having a few drinks. I met some great people and invited to go airside at one of the UK airport air traffic control towers.

Thursday I woke up at 7:30am and so didnt hit the hotel gym as had to be at the first session from 8:30. Lunch was salad leaves with quinoa it was nice but not massively filling th other option was cakes and sandwiches which I avoided. In the evening I went to see my parents and then came home and hit the sack.

Friday I was at work for an 8am meeting, I hate things booked in so early as it messes with my routine I find it hard to hit the gym and then still get to to work for 8. So I sacked off the morning weights. Food for Friday was good though as I had my Pot of Gold and Tuna.

When I got home in the afternoon I hit some cardio for 60 minutes that made me feel better. I also came home to a ton of meet from Muscle Food so was grinning I ended up have chicked kebabs last night. yum!

Saturday morning I hit hit my arms and abs and pushed up all my lifts I think the rest days really helped me.  I also want to hit some cardio before lunch as we are popping out later this afternoon.

I also weighed in and my weight was 69.9kg

A loss of about 1kg so I am happy as I am also seeing in the mirror my body shape changing. Next weeks plan is exactly the same as this week I intend to stick to my 1500 calories eat lean and get in my 5 days split along with at least 3 cardio sessions.


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