Journal 03/04/2018

Well the weekend I was feeling sorry for myself just wanted to get back in the gym and continue my journey.

On Sunday I gave in and in the morning I worked on my arms managing to stay off my leg. Then we went to the cinema to watch Peter Rabbit, I wasnt that sold on it to be honest I thought it would of been better given the cast.

When we got home I then did some cardio light resistance int he fat burn range for 60 minutes. Later in the evening I had some bowel issues as at the cinema I made a slight mistake by eating a lot of sugar free sweets. That led to an exciting Sunday evening which was only heightened in excitement by my eldest son being sick as he had eaten too many easter eggs.

Monday morning I was feeling a lot better apart from the gurgling of my stomach still. I then worked on my chest and abs and in the evening hit the cardio for 45 minutes. I also managed to order 30x Pot of Golds so thats me set for work. I also put in an order to Muscle food for a ton of meat looking forward to that turning up.

Today I was up at 5am and worked on my back with deadlifts, one arm rows, lat pulldowns wide and narrow. Followed that up with some shoulder shrugs before jumping in the shower. Got home from work and got another cardio session of 60 minutes in the fatburn range with low resistance on the exercise bike.

Tomorrow will be interesting as I am away with work staying at a hotel and then the next day attending a conference, that will be full temptations. I can do it, its only two days and I already checked out the hotel to see they have a gym so I can get some cardio in.

Food today has been spot on finished within 48 calories of my target and about to get my last meal of the day ready. Chopped up strawberries mixed in with cottage cheese mmmmmm……..



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