Journal 31/03/2018 Weekly Stats

My weigh in today was 70.8kg so a small loss of 0.2kg but still its a loss, all food has been spot on.

Last night I had a cheat meal of a kebab it was a small one and that was more than enough.

I am itching to get back in the gym I keep thinking about it, but I know I need to rest as it isnt a great idea.

Tomorrow I am going to restock on my ‘Pots of Gold’ and get a ‘Muscle Food’ order to get me through April.

I was also thinking about my goals today as I put together a plan for each year and adapt it as things change. I would say last year I was 50% succesful on my goals and the ones I didnt hit were due to a mix of laziness, taking on to much and unforseen events.

My hip being one of those as it has massiveley impacted what I wanted. I said in a previuos blog I didnt know what my goals were anymore or where I go with them.

So my goal in fitness is to hit 10% bodyfat and use this as a day 1 platform to work on what I do next. This is simple, measurable and achievable goal and I dont have to think to much about it. I think business refer to these as smart objectives.

My other goal was to keep this blog going to tell you all how I am getting on and for something I can refer back to later.

I intend to get back in the gym tomorrow and work on arms and chest avoiding my hips and legs. I dont intend to eat any chocolate though for Easter, if I only you could get pure protein choclate that was nice!

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