Journal 30/03/2018

Yesterday was the injection day I was at the hospital for 7:30am only to be met with an overcrowded waiting room. I gave my name then Georgia and I stood waiting to be called, I wasnt sure how long this would be as my father waited 4 hours a few weeks ago.

But within 10 minutes I was called and then taken through what was going to happen to me by a nurse. I was then told I was first into theatre which was nice, minimal waiting around exactly what I like.

I was taken down to theatre where I met my consultant and another chap whom was going to be performing the procedure under the consultants guidance. I was told a small needle will be put into my skin to make it numb. Then a larger needle would be pushed through all the way into the hip joint. They would xray as we go along to make sure it is taking the right route then inject die to ensure the steroid will go into the right place.

I was given the option to watch or not, but I decided I did want to watch and it was a very surreal experience. The chap carrying out the procedure had not done it before so was being told step by step what to. The consultant told the trainee ‘You are now going to numb the area, so tell the patient they may feel a prick’ he would then turn to me and repeat this. This carried on and was like some sort of comedy sketch.

Then came the big needle and the trainee was told keep it vertical and push down, so the needle was inserted. As it was going in the consultants mobile rang to which he duly answered and started talking to someone. The trainee was still pushing the needle in then the consultant started saying to him keep it verticle whilst on the phone. I wasnt nervous at all about this. NOT!

But it all turned out fine the final part was they had to hit the bone and inject the steroid which they did. I was then wheeled on out to recovery and let go after an hour.

I must say it hurts today I am sat on the sofa with my feet up. I am going to spend the weekend doing some work related learning. All I want to do is get back in the gym lol, but told to rest and I will.

This week has again been a good week so far all on plan with my food and exercise.

I will weigh myself tomorrow for the weekly stats post.

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