Building a home gym

There are many reasons why people decide to build a home gym to be honest. It could be you dont like using public gyms, or like me have 3 kids and cant always get away. For instance my wife works a Tuesday night so when the kids are in bed it allows me to hit he weights.  Oh and I don’t like gyms.

Also you dont need to go and buy everything day 1, there is a lot you can do with a barbell and some weights. I will take you through what I started out with and where I have progressed to.

My home gym started off by using the lounge and hiding the weights under the sofa only to get them out in the evening when the kids were in bed.

The first set of weights I bought were 1″ bar with some plastic weights. Dont do this if you are dedicted you will outgrow them straight away. Instead invest in an Olympic Bar and weight set.

I went for Olmypic bar 100kg set you can get here from Powerhouse Fitness- BodyMax £150

This was a great start and kept me going in the early days until I realised a bench and dumbells would be a good addition. So I bought some olympic dumbell bars and a flat and incline bench. The one thing to do when finding a bench is not to try and find one that does everything as unless you have lots of cash you wont get one. When I say everything I mean flat, decline and incline.

Dumbell bars here £44

Weight Bench here £70

As you get stronger you will start to realise you need something else to rack the bar as you will want to bench and squat.

So my next purchase to keep things safe and help me progress was to purchase a squat rack. I went for a Bodymax CF415 as it allowed me to squat with spotting bars so if I was stuck in a lift I could drop the weght. The spotting bars are ajustable and this also allows you to use the stand to perform bench press.

Squat Rack Bodymax CF415 £125

At this point I was still working out in my front room as I could put the rack and bench agaisnt the wall and weights under the sofa. This setup can last you a long time you can just buy more weight plates etc… as you need them.

The total for all of this is £389 and you dont need to buy it all upfront just get the items as you go along.

The other tip here is dont buy new lots of people take up lifting and then quit after a few months. So you can often find the kit you need secondhand on Ebay or Gumtree.

The next gym accessory I decide to purchase was power rack or what others call a cage. This is actually a frame that allows you to perform all you lifts with spotting bars. The bars let you drop the weight if you fail your lift without hurting yourself. The one I went for was called Ryno and I still have it today. It also includes attachment for dips and a cable attachment. Here is a link

This was the point at which I outgrew the weights in the lounge and took over our spare room in the house.

For my birthday came my next edition a set of bowflex adjustable dumbbells. Georgia got them second hand for me, I was made up as had wanted some for ages. They save you from having lots of separate dumbbells or using bars. Find Bowflex Dumbells here

This setup lasted me for a long time and after moving agreed that I would use the garage at our new house as my gym.

When we had settled in I started setting out the gym putting foam mats on the floor. I have now also added the following;

– TRX Bands

– Punch bag

– Running Machine – Given to me

– Cycling Machine – Bought from a gym second hand 

– Leg Press (my pride and joy) – Second hand Gumtree

– Various kettle bells (were on offer in Lidl)

– 10kg Bumper Plates – Birthday Present

The only other items I can see myself getting now are more weight plates and a landmine abs attachment. As I don’t need anything else, well couldn’t get much more in their to be honest. But the setup is as good as you would find anywhere. 

Below are some pics I intend to do more work on it to insulate etc.. at some point but for now it’s my mecca. It’s also where I start and end my day!

The great thing is my children see it as normal to workout and we often workout together which I love. The gym isn’t seen as mine it’s our family gym.

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