Journal 08/03/2018

Training has continued this week and really happy as been bang on plan with my food even in the face of temptation. My Pot of Gold meals have all turned up and are in the freezer in the garage so that’s another plus.

Training has been as follows;

Wednesday: Cardio 45 minutes on the bike

Thursday: Leg day again hit high reps on squats and leg presses.

Tomorrow: Will be arms day.

Food this week I have been taking chilli to work with potato and eating my usual bacon and eggs on the morning. I started watching Zombie Nation through my cardio sessions downloading it to my phone, that took away some of the boredom.

I also went to my pre assessment this week, went through the motions and told about what is going to happen. I am going to get a local anesthetic in my leg and then a bigger needle will be used to inject cortisol up between my femur and hip. The appointment also came through for the 29th March in order to get it done.

It’s a positive week I am hoping to see a reduction on the scales this week even if it’s just a small reduction. I am also going to cut down my calories by reducing my carbohydrates by 50g (200 Calories). This will help me push further with my bodyfat % goal.


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