Journal 06/03/2018

I didnt update my blog at all last week our family had some bad news which I am not going to go into now and it threw me to be honest. My birthday came and went and I felt suitably sorry for myself. 🙂 Georgia had arranged a massive surprise party for me but we had to cancel due to unforseen reasons.

I was also down with a cough and cold so I decided to take a week out as I was on week 7 of my cycle anyway.

Foodwise I didnt achieve what I wanted last week and I have had to have some very tough conversations with myself. I dont want to be on the worlds longest cut to be honest but I am back on it now.

Georgia has managed to source me a freezer to go in the garage and this is going to become home of Pot of Gold supplies from GSN see here  They are now all ordered and turning up this week. In the meantime she cooked me some turkey chilli to last me a couple of days.

I started training again on Sunday and I am also including cardio as I have managed to purchase a second-hand Life Fitness exercise bike from a gym. The only problem is I find it so boring staring at a wall cycling even if I listen to music. I think I will look for some instructor videos as the boredom will get to me eventually.

This week has been as follows;

Sunday – Cardio AM, Weights PM

Monday – Weights AM, Cardio PM

Tuesday – Weights PM

I now need to also improve my home gym due to the exercise bike and freezer I am going to board out the roof space and move as much as possible up there freeing up space on the ground. I hope to do this on the weekend and will then post pictures on a blog I am working on about the home gym.

Today I am also off to the hospital for my Pre-Procedure assessment to get cortisol pumped into my hips. I will let you know how that goes.

Weight wise I have put on 0.7kg but am feeling stronger and lifts still going up so will take as a bonus. Now its time to knuckle down and watch what I eat very strictly.

I think the hardest thing at the moment is due to my hip problem resulting in not being able to PowerLift the motivation is hard to keep going. What is the goal that I am driving for? Why am I continuing with what I am doing? I am not sure at all perhaps this blog is why, I just dont know. I even thought about wrapping all this up but what would that lead to, big Dan he’s still in there. I think I need to sit and reflect for a while.

Right I have to go as I am starting to go on.


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