Journal 17/02/2018 Weekly Stats

Yesterday was a rest day so no activity went to work really early got there for 5:30am. My food was good and it was also cheat meal day.

Georgia’s Mum and Dad came over to visit on their way to Spain and so we indulged in fish and chips. Which for me means a kebab as I love them with a couple of glasses on Prosecco. I know classy!, thats how I role.

Today we got an unscheduled delivery from Ocado which neither of us realised we were getting so now we are going to cook out.

I am going to bake chocolate brownies using sweet potato so I will post them later and tell you how they. But before that we are all out as a family to go skateboarding, Georgia and I bought everyone skateboards for Christmas we have been a couple of times since Christmas. But it isnt raining today so we are heading out, we plan to do a tour of all skateparks.

Now to my stats;

Last week;

Weight: 72.5 kg
Body Fat: 32.3%
Muscle Mass: 33.5%

This week;

Weight: 72.7kg
Body fat: 31.5%
Muscle mass: 34.1%

From the stats this week I have added .2 kg of weight but my body fat has reduced by 0.8% and Muscle Mass increase by 0.6%. So those figures are going well if I dont see a weight reduction next week I have two options a. Add cardio into my week b. REmove calories by dropping carbs.

Over and out look for my brownies later and a quick shoutout to Lakeside Weightlifting who are competing this weekend in Bristol. Good luck and smash it everyone.


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