Journal 15/02/2018

Today started off a bit glum feeling sorry for myself but got into work and perked up a bit. I have now got the pain killers from the doctors so started taking those today.

When I got home I hit the weights today was as follows;

  • Incline Bench Warmup and then 3×12
  • EZ Bar Bicep Curls Warmup and the 3×6
  • Close Grip Bench 3×6
  • Dumbbell Curls 3×6
  • Abs Circuit 3 Rounds
    • Cable crunch 12 reps
    • Air Bicycles 60
    • Plank 1 min 30 sec

On writing this I just realised I forgot to do my tricep presses today I thought I got through it quickly and that will be why.

Foodwise today was pretty spot on;

Breakfast – 2 eggs and 2 bacon
Mid Morning – Banana and Turkey mince with onions
Lunch – Brown Rice, chicken and Pineapple
Afternoon – Apple
Post Workout – Pea Protein
Dinner – Rice, celery, peppers and chicken balls doused in Piri Piri sauce
Post Bed – Cottage Cheese




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