Journal 14/02/2018

Today I was up early hit the weights it was a shoulder and abs day. My morning looked like this;

  • Military Press – Warmup + Working sets
  • Front Raise
  • Bent over Rear Delt Raise
  • Abs Circuit x3
    • Cable Crunch x12
    • Air Bicycles 60
    • Plank 1 minute

I felt strong this morning and managed to up my weight on both Military Press and FRont Raise.

After hitting the gym had breakfast with Georgia before setting off to work.

Food today was the following:

Pre WorkOut – Banana
Post Workput – Pea Protein
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs and Salmon
Mid Morning – Tuna, cucmber, peppers and apple
Lunch – Brown Rice, Chicken and Pinepple
Dinner – Chicken Breast, stir fry veg and Piri Piri sauce

When I got home today I hung up Williams new punch bag that has arrived check it out below. Then me and the kids had a workout hitting the bag, cable rows, weighted lunges, squats and situps.


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