Journal 13/02/2018

Yesterday gave me a real battering, but I did think at least I have a valid excuse for leg day.

I couldn’t really sleep last night I awoke in the early hours and kept thinking about it all running around in my head. I decided to get up and hit the gym so at 4:45am I was smashing my back, turned out to be a good session and increased two of my lifts.

Then I got lunch ready for the day and made myself eggs and bacon for breakfast.

I then sat with Georgia for a bit and had a conversation about it all, shed a tear. She asked if this was something else I was going to lock away and not deal with. She knows me and thats my plan for most stuff. She asked did I need to talk to someone etc…

It does suck big time especially coming from where I was and starting this blog. But I also think other people have worse things in life to to deal with.

I then left to go see my GP regarding pain relief whilst I await the appointment to get my injection.

After that I went to work and got stuck in to put my mind onto something else instead. This did work, but now I have come home I have this feeling of sadness instide and I am trying to counter that by focusing on my kids.

Food today was good though;

Post Workout – Pea Protein

Breakfast – Eggs and Bacon on toast,

Mid Morning – Tuna and cucumber with dressing, followed by an apple

Lunch – Brown Rice, Chicken and Peppers

Afternoon – Satsuma

Evening – Rump Steak, 2 Eggs and roasted new potato





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