Journal 12/02/2018

So what did the weekend have instore for me after ending strength week Friday. Well Friday I woke feeling really ill and had decided not to train but after I got up and sorted myself out I did hit the weights and felt better for it.

Then Friday night I played rugby at Eastleigh RFC as part of get your boots back on campaign run by Hampshire RFU which they call ‘Friday Night Under The Lights’. It was a great night I scored two trys but also managed to injure myself in the process. I thoroughly recommend it and if you live in Hampshire (England) or surroundings and want to come down here is a link to official website:

Here is a picture of my finger the next day, other injuries include twisted ankle, elbow to the chin and a cut down my leg. Dont let that put you off I just like to get stuck in but you can decide how involved you want to get its all just fun.


Food over the weekend wasnt as good I had a few beers after rugby (3) and then had a couple the next night watching the 6 nations with my mate Mikey and his family. I didnt eat anything bad though just the beer. I had a major craving for a McDonalds Sunday night but managed to see it off. Georgia made me a massive steak burger which was lovely she is so good to me.

Saturday set me up for great food choices this week and no excuses, as the Muscle Food order came horray. I now have some brown rice and chicken pots to take to work, I only purchased six of them to test and if they are nice I see a bulk order coming on. Here are some pics of what turned up.

So this brings me on to this week, I awoke this morning 5am to train and told myself take a day off your injured. Then followed up with do it tonight instead. The other side of my brain told me its chest day my arms and chest are fine and intact so get out of bed. You wont do it tonight its your sons birthday so get up.

Well luckily I listened to the good side and got out of bed and hit the weights and managed to push my bench up. I feel really good for doing it, its why we want it we need to remember when we feel like missing a session.

P.S: I also update my stat with pics so I can review after my next cycle of 4 weeks. Here


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