Journal 12/02/2018 – Part 2 – Laberal Tear

I forgot to mention in my earlier blog it was today I was to go and see the surgeon about the tear to my hip.

I had a chat with Georgia about ensuring I get the surgery for the tear that has shown up in the MRI. She said explain to them the mental health aspects of not getting it done and how it would impact your life. I took that all onboard and off I went this afternoon to the hospital.

I met with the surgeon who asked me to lie on the bed and pushed and pulled my legs around. It was the same stuff my physio does looking for range of motion and impingement in my hip. Then he asked has anyone given you an X-ray to which I replied no, so off I went for an X-ray.

I came back from getting that done and waited while the surgeon and his colleague looked at the results. They took me into an examination room and asked me multiple questions about was I breach born, did anyone in my family have issues with their legs or hips etc… No, no and no came my responses.

They then said we need you to come next door and talk to you further. I went into a room where my X-rays and MRI where up on a computer screen. The surgeon said you do have a small laberal tear but the elephant in the room is your actual hips. My hips are both very shallow and the ball of my femur does not engage like other people’s do. There is a gap between my femur and hip of 2mm one side 3mm the other it should be around 6mm. The edges of both femurs have growth on them, explained to me like a boxers lip that had been punched. These are rubbing against my hip and causing further damage to me. They need to measure it and see if it is getting worse over time.

Then boom! you are looking at a double hip replacement in the next 5-7 years, WTF I only came here for some cartilage to be sewn back together.

Next, we are going to inject you with cortisol in order to try and reduce pain and swelling if that doesnt work we will operate. We dont want to operate now as we believe it will decrease the time for the hip replacements. Or in his words it will be like poking a hornets nest.

So then I ask what about sports;

  • No more impact sports rugby, running etc…
  • No squatting ever below parallel and if I really have to squat never heavy

I have written this now as I don’t really know how to take it and I dont think I have fully processed it all. Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment for pain relief before the injection.

I need to see what the angle is here for me how can I turn it into a positive! When I find it I will let you know.

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