Journal 09/02/2018 Weekly Stats


This week has been harder with diet as I ran out of pre-prepared meals and didn’t appreciate another order would not be with me next day. In this day and age I am used to get what I want next day or even the same day. I did have my cheat meal last night donner meat, some people hate it but I love the stuff.

So I ended up going to work with a mish mash of meals thanks Georgia for the boiled potato, tuna and 0% fat salad dressing. It was good I found myself prepping it for the next day once I got home.

Tomorrow my food delivery arrives I am very excited by this which I know is sad. I will blog about it tomorrow.

My training this week given it being strength week has been brilliant I have pushed through plateaus and set myself some real challenges in my next cycle. I have found my squats are now pushing over 80kg  for reps but there is some background pain in my leg so need to keep an eye on that. Regarding the subject of my leg I see a surgeon Monday regarding stitching my cartilage back together. hooray!

The cardio hasn’t happened, bad me I can’t get into the gym during the week to use the recumbent bike and I really don’t want to run.

Tonight I am off up the rugby club for a fun game of rugby I havent played for 3 years so looking forward to it. Now there is one bit of cardio this week 😉

Now to my stats;

Last week;

Weight: 71.3kg
Body fat: 32.9%
Muscle mass: 32.8%

This week;

Weight: 72.5 kg
Body Fat: 32.3%
Muscle Mass: 33.5%

So I have put 1kg of weight back on but also had reduction in fat and increase in muscle mass. I need to go and visit my good old mate James Kennedy at Get-focused  and ask him to rig me up to his body composition machine. Then I can track the figures I have above off the values he gives me.

In myself I am feeling really good about my training really positive and keen to progress. I even hit the weights at 5:30am today with a stinking cold which was good as it got me motivated to go to work.

I still havent managed to get Georgia to take any photos of me but I will do this weekend.

Updated: Photo’s Added



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