Journal 03/02/2018 Weekly Stats

How did this week go?

The answer is really well I have managed to stay on plan with food choices got all my workouts in. I did only get one cardio session in but that’s fine. On reflection having my meals for the day as microwave meals kept me from straying.

I found myself working out early in the mornings when I knew I was going to be working late. I have also tried to really concentrate on timings and get my workouts into slots of just over an hour.

So how did I fair what do the numbers say the scales don’t lie (well mine do), remember I am using the electronic scales that are not that accurate for body fat but I am looking for consistently not accurate. 😂

Last week;

Weight: 72.5 kg

Body Fat: 33.3%

Muscle Mass: 32.7%

This week;

Weight: 71.3kg

Body fat: 32.9%

Muscle mass: 32.8%

So I am going in the right direction and lost just over 1 kg in weight this week.

Next week my training cycle changes to a strength week but I will cover that in my next blog.

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