Journal 28/01/18

Yesterday evening I decided to go for a 5k run to get some cardio it, it was soooo hard. I havent run for 4 months and I could certainly tell, I just wanted it to end.

Today was rugby coaching, the age groups were staged due to bad weather and lack of playing space. So I got to watch my daughter play before I started coaching the U9’s which was really nice. It was a good coaching session the kids really listened and I felt we made great progress. Plus the mighty Harlequins came down to see us with an injured player to do the rounds.

After getting home I had some food and then hit a lifting session it went like this;

Barbell DeadLift 3 sets
Barbell Rows 3 sets
Wide Grip Pullups 3 sets
Close Grip Lat Pull Downs 3 Sets
Shoulder shrugs
Calf Raises on Leg Press

Felt really strong today and enjoyed the session, have realised I need some more weights though as I am calf raising all my weight plates on the leg press. Thought end of the month can get something then realised I have a tax bill to pay. So I will keep an eye for anything going on Ebay or Gumtree.

Tomorrow my plan is to get up early and go for another run and hit the weights in the evening.

Food Today;

Breakfast: Egg whites
Lunch: Falafel with spinach + Chicken
Post Workout: Protein Shake
Post Coaching: Cheeky pint

For dinner I will probably have some pasta and meatballs.

Off now to soak in the bath and then prep for next weeks work onslaught.





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