Journal 27/01/2018 Weekly Stats

Yesterday I took as a rest day and today I started my 5 day week split again. I snuck out to workout before the family woke up.

But before I did I got my stats done;

Last week;

Weight: 73.2 kg
BF: 32.7%
Muscle: 33.2%

This week;

Weight: 72.5 kg
BF: 33.3%
Muscle: 32.7%

So my weight had dropped which is good and I am still feeling strong infact I nailed this mornings workout.

My weeks round-up would be I need to keep prepared with food and stick to plan. I wondered a little this week by eating in the work canteen. Admittedly I didn’t go mad and eat chips everyday. I stuck to the salad but what resulted was dressings drowning the food in oil and other unknown ingredients. They are what we call the hidden calories that we don’t count for and add up. Things such as butter on the jacket potato or the ketchup with the steak, slithers of milk in tea or the cheeky sugar. You do indeed need to account for everything. If you dont the scales will tell you you’ve gained, you will be thinking but I was on plan. You weren’t you never were.

I also didn’t add everything to my calorie counter as I couldn’t as I didnt know what I was in what I was eating. So next week no canteen food just prepped food that I bring with me.

Next week I want to be writing how I was on plan all week and it was great. Dont get me wrong this week was good and weight went the right direction but lets not slip into bad habits. To address this I have bought some pre cooked meals from Muscle Food (see the link) that I can pop in the microwave. This saves me time and effort but obviously there is a cost involved but its cheaper than the canteen and the food doesn’t need chilling.

Todays workout was as follows;

Incline Bench – Warmup followed by 3 working sets
Incline Dumbbell Bench – 3 working sets
Flat Bench – 3 Working sets
Face Pull – 3 Working sets 12 rep
Abs Circuit x3 – Cable crunch, Air Bicycle and planking

The rest of the day I chilling with the kids and Georgia has just made me a lovely steak sandwich so need to eat that while its hot.


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