Journal 25/01/2018

Well after two months I am back on my blog , a lot has happened but I am glad to be back.

So I haven’t got that 10% body fat yet and took a month off training. I also bulked by eating loads over Xmas but not sure that counts. 

Anyway I am two weeks back into my training and back on my cut. I have started using my electronic scales to measure body fat it’s not a great idea but better than ending my marridge . Georgia couldn’t cope with me getting her to continually use the callipers on me.

Anyway I have had a setback but it’s not time to give up its time to attack it again. It’s also time to remember why I started this journey in the first place. I think the end of last year I simply tried to do to much and broke myself. I have taken a well deserved rest and now just concentrating on my goals.

So my machine measured me on Sunday as 32% body fat i know it’s not right but I am going to take this measurement and track it downwards. 

As for training I am on a 5 day split on  a power bodybuilding routine. I have opted to have my rest days during the week as work is busy. This allows me to chill a couple of nights and ensures i don’t fatigue.

My hip is still dodgy i had an MRI in December came back as a laberal tear and today had a letter for an appointment with a surgeon in Feb. So I will keep you posted on how that goes.

So my plan is still hit 10%, this blog is to hold me to account so stats time.

As of last Sunday;

Weight: 73.2 kg

BF: 32.7%

Muscle: 33.2%

I am on my cutting diet low carb high protein about 1700 calories a day.

Tonight I had the following workout;

Incline barbell chest 

EZ Curls

Close grip bench

Dumbbell curls

Triceps press

3x Abs circuit – cable crunch, air bicycles and plank

Over and out.

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