Journal 01/11/2017

Over the last couple of days I have come to the realisation that I have been doing to much as I was starting to struggle to function. This has lead to me having to make some hard choices.

Georgia spoke to me about me thinking there was more time in the day than there really is. To be honest I have been running away from what I need to face and that is  the death of my uncle. Instead of processing it I have gone back to work and made my life so ludicrously busy that there just isn’t time to think about anything accept where I need to be next. This hasn’t ended up well for me I have started to struggle getting up in the mornings, instead wanting to pull the covers over my head and not face the world that day.

You may ask why am I writing this here? This is a release to address how I feel and be honest to myself. I wrote it a couple of times and removed it but it has really helped.

So back to the hard choices, number one I have backed away from coaching weights. I so didn’t want to do this as it is my passion. I spoke with Lizzie the head coach at the club and she was really understanding I felt like I had let them down and opportunities like this don’t often present themselves. My other choice was for this week to forget about training schedules and being in the gym. I am just going to breathe and relax and be with my family.

Next week I will look to start a bit of training again and slowly work it back up. I know this hinders my plan to achieve the bodyfat% I want but this is all part and parcel.

Things come our way in life whether it be injury or new job etc.. on thing you can count on is its always unexpected. But we need realise how we feel, recover, asses and continue.



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