Journal 30/10/2017

Today was a bit hectic I woke up and totally unprepared for the day ahead.

Georgia cooked me some white fish and armed with this and tuna i set off to work. I managed to hit the office at 8am in preparation for my first meeting. This meeting over ran and I was offered pizza as a working lunch. I kindly declined this offer, as I had my fish products in my bag. This made me feel better as I had kept to my plan and resisted the temptation.

My next meeting went on all afternoon and I managed to leave the office at 5 race home then off to the gym for a coaching session. It was really cold and I couldn’t feel my feet by the end of it. I then shot home was in by 9:50 and had some spagbol.

Training – No cardio today and no weight training 

Food wise of things I ate to plan but under my calories

Food diary time

Breakfast – 2x eggs and 2x bacon

Lunch – Fried white fish and green beans

Afternoon – Tuna

Snack – Banana 

Dinner – Spagbol and Skyr Yoghurt

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