Journal 29/10/2017

This weekend my stats were not what I wanted I ended up gaining weight and bodyfat % I will post the exact details later as weekly stats as I haven’t done this yet.

I ended up Saturday going to Octoberfest in Southampton and drinking beer although not good for my goals I didn’t go crazy for the following reasons;

  1. I am not able to drink a lot these days
  2. I knew I had work to do the following day and wanted to be in a state to do it.

I have not finished the weekend on a high though no food prepped, no meal plans and no idea as to when I am planning to get my sessions in this week.

On top of that I now have an exam looming that I need to revise for, Rugby Coaching course Sunday and coaching in the gym this week. Oh and I forget work I need to meet deadlines there also.

I started to feel very anxious about this but after sitting and speaking with Georgia I have decided to set my priorities and keep positive.

  1. Food
  2. Exam Revision
  3. Workouts

I would also love to say I would get cardio in also but not sure that will happen to be honest. I know I have started to wobble and have not kept to plan but I need keep my goals in mind.

The fact I am going to write my journal here every day detailing what I eat will hold me to account. Let see!

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